21 Reasons I Love Croatia

People ask me why I love Croatia.

It happens all the time. I’ve traveled the world and I’m a passionate person—so I tend to get attached to most places I go. But Croatia is an extra level of special. Something about this Mediterranean country draws me back, time and again. It’s certainly more than one thing. It’s more than 21, in fact. But for now—as illustrated by some of my favorite images and memories of my recent trip there—here are 21 reasons I love Croatia.

21 reasons I love Croatia.

1. Endless shades of blue.

Endless shades of blue.

2. Classic stone architecture.

Classic stone architecture.

3. Pebbled beaches.

Pebbled beaches.

4. Spotted coastline.

Spotted coast.

5. Pathways known…

Pathways known...

6. …and unknown.

...and unknown.

7. Water polo pools.

Water polo pools.

8. More of shades of blue.

More of shades of blue.

9. Lost-in-translation gems.

Lost-in-translation gems.

10. Lazy days by the sea.

Lazy days by the sea.

11. Views like this.

Views like this.

12. Windows to other worlds.

Windows to other worlds.

13. Morning light.

Morning light.

14. Warm summer nights.

Warm summer nights.

15. Boating culture.

Boating culture.

16. Rubble and beauty, forever bound.

Rubble and beauty, forever bound.

17. National pride.

National pride.

18. Beach vibes.

Beach vibes.

19. Around every corner, more shades of blue.

Around every corner, more shades of blue.

20. Moments shared.

Moments shared.

21. And oh, the wine.

And oh, the wine.

But wait—here’s one more.

It’s one that only 11 of us will understand—the 11 friends who shared a week in Croatia, playing on the beach, swimming in the sea, chartering a private yacht, chartering a private yacht again, eating, drinking, reconnecting, cheering for Croatia in the World Cup, wandering, finding ourselves, and getting blissfully lost. Yes, it means something. No, there’s no adequate translation. Yes, #youhadtobethere. And yes, even though it really has nothing to do with this wonderful country at all, it’s one of the reasons I love Croatia, all the same..




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