All the Things

Of all the things I love, finding a heart on the sidewalk is one of them.

All the things—or at least eight of them—that I’m loving lately.

Everything about this headline (and the yummy-looking recipe that follows).

I dare you. Try not to bust up laughing at the tweets of comedian James Breakwell, especially the ones detailing his conversations with his four young daughters.

While we’re talking Twitter gold, your life won’t be complete until you follow this.

And hey, one more Twitter gem, because I’m curious: WWYD? Would you get out of the car?

Every time I wear these earrings, I get plenty of oohs and aahs. And we’re not talking haute couture, people. We’re talking Target, $7.99.

Want to know the secret to a fulfilling life? Some brilliant minds at Harvard studied it. As it turns out, our Yoda of the salt sauna was right.

You need these reusable shopping bags. Because they’re big and strong enough to haul all your groceries and other loot. And because they’re covered in itty-bitty owls, symbolizing wisdom and good luck (both of which are infinitely helpful when shopping—wouldn’t you agree?).

A long-awaited documentary film will finally hit the big screen this summer, bringing the grit and passion of long-distance triathlon to the masses. Rumor has it I even make a momentary appearance. Pass the popcorn, please! (P.S. Watch the teaser.)

What about you? What are all the things you’re loving right now?

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