Gazpacho, a Love Story


Guys, can we talk about gazpacho?

It’s looking to be a beautiful, warm weekend here in Boulder, which means one thing: I’m making gazpacho. And I mean a giant vat of the stuff. I’ll celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a crisp, cold, flavorful soup—washed down with a margarita or two, of course. Eating gazpacho is like slurping salsa by the bowl. What could be better than that?

I’m obsessed with gazpacho. I love everything about it. It’s cool, refreshing, crazy healthy, and packed with pungent garlic. Whenever my body needs an antioxidant boost, it’s my go-to meal. I know we have a few months until tomatoes are at their peak, but I can’t resist getting a head start on my favorite summer soup. As soon as I even think about gazpacho, I need to make some, STAT.

The first gazpacho recipe I ever tried is still the one I turn to every time. It’s absolutely delicious and oh so simple. Just pulse each produce item in a food processor to get a quick, uniform cut, add the liquid ingredients and seasonings, and let it sit for a few hours in the fridge to enhance the flavor. Boom! You have gazpacho for days.

Homemade gazpacho

I’m heading to Europe next month, with 48 hours in Barcelona on the tail end of my trip. Care to guess what I’ll be eating? I figure with two days in Spain, I should aim to sample two or three different gazpachos, minimum. I also want to try salmorejo, which I just learned about. Apparently it’s similar to gazpacho, with the addition of pureed bread. (When traveling, eat all the bread.)

When I return home and fruits and veggies are flourishing, I plan to get more experimental with my chilled soup habit. I’m already collecting recipes that make my mouth water. I’m excited to try this green version, made with tomatillos, and also this one, which is a blend of cucumbers, arugula, and fresh green herbs. And I’m pretty sure I’ll want to double the batch when I try this watermelon gazpacho.

Have any great gazpacho recipes to share? Let me know what I’m missing in the comments below. Meantime, here’s to a fun Cinco de Mayo weekend, fueled by fabulous food.

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