Olive U

Olive U. You know I do.

I’m not talking romance here, people. I’m talking olives.

Not long ago, I stole away for a weekend in Trpanj on the Peljesač peninsula. One of the things I loved the most about Trpanj—aside from the ethereal beauty of Villa Road—was the olive education I received. There’s an Olive University of sorts on the outskirts of town, and it’s a must for anyone visiting Trpanj.

All about olives in Trpanj.

Out for a run one morning, I came across Trpanj’s olive trail. It’s simple—a series of 11 signs positioned throughout sprawling olive orchards perched above the sea. Each sign shares different facts and history about olives, olive oil, and olive trees.

I love olives. Green, black, cured, spiced, stuffed, pitted, whole—I’m happy to satisfy my hunger with nearly any type of olive, anytime. And I’m equally into the healthy fat and  flavor of olive oil. So I was eager to learn more at Olive U. Like the origin of the olive branch as a symbol of peace, the “generosity” of the olive tree, and the fact that “liquid gold” olive oil can brighten your diamonds.

Here are a few of my favorite signs  from the olive trail. For the rest, you’ll have to head to Trpnaj and follow along. And you should—if not for a shared love of olives, at least to enjoy the orchard views.

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