Trpanj’s Villa Road

Trpanj's Villa Road

Let’s take a sunset walk down Put od Vila—aka Trpanj’s Villa Road.

I love where I live in Lumbarda. But I also love to explore parts of Croatia where I haven’t yet been. And when it comes to recommendations, there’s no better resource than Marija, my go-to gal for off-the-beaten-path finds. She introduced me to breathtaking Badija, lesser-known Lastovo, the steep descent to Pupnatska Luka, and the secret spot we both favor for swimming and sunning close to home (secret means secret, my friends). When Marija suggested I spend a weekend in her childhood home of Trpanj, I packed a bag, boarded the ferry, and was on my way.

Trpanj is a tiny gem of a coastal village on the Pelješac Peninsula, about a two-hour drive from Dubrovnik but a mere 15-minute ferry plus 20-minute bus or taxi ride from Korčula town. There’s plenty to do and explore in the area, which I’ll get to in a later post. Here, I want share images from my final evening in Trpanj—a magical sunset walk down Put od Vila, or Trpanj’s Villa Road. The road itself is only a mile long, but a walk along it—especially at sunset—can literally transform your soul. A bit extreme? Maybe. But I invite you to visit Trpanj and take the walk yourself. Then, let me know.

Finding Trpanj’s Villa Road is simple. From the Riva, facing out toward the water, walk left along the shore. Within a few minutes you’ll leave Trpanj’s main beach behind. You’ll soon pass a fountain perched above the water, the unofficial entrance to Villa Road. Wander along and you’ll see old stone villas to your left, the sea and sky and spectacular swimming spots to your right. You can even take a dip if you like. You’ll see locals lounging, swimming, and walking as well. You might get to return kick a soccer ball to an aspiring Luka Modrić, who enthusiastically overshoots his goal.

Keep walking as the sun paints the sky, ever darker and more dramatic. Where Villa Road ends, you’ll find a staircase leading to a perfect stone beach, most likely reserved just for you. Find a spot to sit. Pour a glass of the local Dingač you remembered to pack along. Toast the tranquility and beauty—and the luck that led you to this spot—as you sit, listening to the waves lap the shore, watching day turn to night.

Eventually, with the light changed and your spirit restored, wander back home.

Ready to Walk Trpanj’s Villa Road?

Leave the main beach behind as you start your walk along Trpanj's Villa Road

Kayakers at sea at the start of Trpanj's Villa Road

The fountain at the start of Trpanj's Villa Road

Old stone villas give Trpanj's Villa Road its name

Sea and sky to your right along Trpanj's Villa Road

One of many special swim spots

An artsy creation along Trpanj's Villa Road

Beautiful stone gate on Trpanj's Villa Road

You can stop and take a dip if you like anywhere along Trpanj's Villa Road

The spectacular sunset view from Trpanj's Villa Road

Sunset along Villa Road

Local lounging at sunsetMisty mountains off Villa Road

Stone steps and sea

Old stone architecture

Modric in the making

More stunning views


The cove at the end of Villa Road

Stairs down to the beach

A place reserved for you

Empty beach, Villa Road

From where I sat on the beach at the end of Villa RoadA toast to Villa Road

Goodnight from Villa Road

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