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Image of window onto sea from old city walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Captures essence of VRVE Magazine.Welcome to VRVE Magazine, a journal of substance, style, and savvy adventure.

VRVE is a lifestyle blog. It’s a place for the many different things I’m passionate about and want to share with you. Travel. Style. Food. Wine. Endurance sports. Other people. Day-to-day anecdotes. Daring exploration. You’ll find them all on VRVE.

Why VRVE? Because of all the word verve implies. Gusto. Vitality. Sophisticated sass. VRVE is about living a brave, bold, badass life and finding the value—and verve—in every adventure.

VRVE is a place to discover everything from off-the-beaten-path travel tips to sweet fashion finds to personal stories. It’s a place to soak up inspiration or simply relax (ideally, glass of wine in hand).

VRVE is my happy place. I hope you’ll feel at home here, too.

– Holly

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